To have a motorcycle in Texas, you must have prof of financial responsibility.  To most motorcycle owners in the state, this means purchasing motorcycle insurance.  It is the most simple and cost-effective way.  

Minimum Liability Motorcycle Insurance Requirements in Texas

30,000 to cover bodily injury or fatality of one person per accident

60,000 to cover bodily injuries or fatalities of two or more people per accident

25,000 to cover property damages per damages accident

As you know, there are many different types of motorcycles.  The following are required to also have liability insurance.

  • Mopeds

  • Three-wheeled motorbikes

  • Motor-driven cycles

  • Scooters

Penalties for Not Having Motorcycle Insurance

When caught operating a motorcycle without proper liability insurance, you are penalized with steep fines.

First-time Offenders

The first time you are charged with a traffic ticket for not having the required amounts of liability coverage, and fined $350, plus any additional court cost or fees.

Repeat Offenders

The fines for subsequent offenses can be as high as 1,000, in addition to have your driving privileges suspended for a maximum period of two years.